Cossacks 3: The long-awaited continuation of the series

Game studio GSC, the developer of the famous series of games S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and “Cossacks”, recently announced the beginning of closed beta testing “Cossacks 3”. In addition, on the official website of the project appeared screenshots and video, which will allow players to get a general idea of ​​the future game. This news excited the minds of gamers, which is not surprising. 10 years have passed since the last addon to the game “Cossacks II”. One wonders if you wonder whether the project will be able to shoot after such a long break.

Excursion to the history

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The first part of the “Cossacks” was often called the next clone of the classics of the genre – the strategy of Age of Empires, but this is not entirely true. The game was attended by many innovations – large-scale battles, resource consumption for the maintenance of troops, the significance of construction and geographic conditions. The game did not revolutionize, but became a successful project in the post-Soviet space.

The fighting system in the second part of the game pushed many fans away, but the project remained afloat. In addition to the main version, the developers managed to release 2 add-ons. And then silence. And now, the release of Part 3 becomes a reality. Why should we wait?

Back to the roots

Developers from GSC make from “Cossacks 3” a kind of remake of the first part. In practice, this means that the game mechanics of the first “Cossacks” will form the basis of the gameplay. From the graphic point of view, we are waiting for full 3D, dynamic lighting, realistic physics and other chips, characteristic for modern projects.

What is known at the beginning of the beta test

Cossacks 3 for boysThe developers promise to present a classic strategy in real time with the extraction of resources, construction, a large selection of units and large-scale battles involving up to 10,000 fighters.

In the game there are 12 nations, 70 types of units, 100 studies and more than 140 historical buildings. Also note the presence of sea battles and the influence of the landscape on the outcome of the battle.

In “Cossacks 3” there is a campaign based on historical battles of the XVII – XVIII centuries. We are also expected to have single missions, a game against the computer and online battles involving up to 7 players.


If you believe the developers, the game can be really cool. But what it will be in reality – only time will show. At the moment we do not know the release date, nor the system requirements. A full review of the game can be done at the end of the beta test. In the meantime, it remains to wait and hope.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Critic Reviews for PC

New game Civilization VICivilization 6 – epic strategy in real time with great opportunities. Are you ready to seize the territories, lead the armies and learn the technology to win in the war? This is only a small part of the potential of the game. 18 civilizations will be able to demonstrate strategic skills and declare themselves to the whole world. Some, specialize in trade, others, can not live without wars, and still others dream of building a rocket and going into space. Moreover, the developers will add content, which in the previous parts was paid. For example, it will be possible to build a trade route to a neighboring state or find out more valuable information about the enemy by sending a spy.


At first, diplomatic relations with civilizations will be primitive – robbery and seizure of territories. Later it will be possible to unite in alliances, declare war and weave intrigues. The more evidence the illegal activities of an opponent will be able to collect, the better will be the conditions of war. Otherwise, the attack will be considered a punishable act of aggression and diplomatic sanctions (penalty for attack, limited number of troops, etc.) will follow. Interacting with artificial intelligence, you will have to learn to identify its weak points. Developers have created more than 20 behaviors – dreaming Wonders of the World, hates spies, adores religion.

Terms of Victory

Civilization VI for moneyTo win you need to excel in one of five industries:

War – the seizure of all enemy capitals;
Science – you need to launch a satellite, land on the moon and establish a colony on Mars;
Culture – it is required to attract more new tourists than the total number of inhabitants in other civilizations;
Religion – more than half the cities of all civilizations should worship your faith;
Points – after 500 moves the winner will be the player with the highest score.
4 reasons to play Civilization 6
Unique tactical capabilities. To win the war, learn to think globally. An obvious move can bring benefits in a week, and a thought-out plan will go down the drain because of the traitor.
Wise world leaders. The rulers of civilizations controlled by the AI ​​will act on their own discretion, relying on the actions of the players.
Advanced construction. Every cell is unique. Within a city, you can build a sacred place for believers or a training center for soldiers.
The science. To open access to new technologies, structures, units and mechanics, it is necessary to conduct a lot of research. For example, developing the economy, you will open new trade routes, and giving preference to education, you will build a university.

Review of online strategy Ocean Wars

Ocean Wars 2017Ocean Wars is a new economic strategy with wars between countries and battles for territories. Lead your own country, build the city and buildings, lead the economy and politics, seize neighboring lands and manage the subjects. Feel the taste of victories and defeats, find true friends, meet sworn enemies and show strength!

Travel through the expanses of the ocean on ships, trade with other countries, robbing neighbors and sending them to the bottom of the enemy. Build and strengthen cities, build statues and temples, shipyards and town hall, frigates and yachts. Expand the plantation and create farms, grow crops and recharge. Explore the technologies of buildings and shipbuilding, invent new ones and improve old ones and become the first engineer!


One in the sea is not a warrior. Join the alliance and meet players from all over the world. Hunt in the sea and learn the technology of the alliance, help build buildings to friends and get help, own mines and warehouses and fight with enemy alliances for the land!

Sea battles

Aggressive inhabitants of the sea and enemy ships lie in wait for you everywhere. Prepare to deploy ships in the direction of someone else’s ship, deep-sea fish, guard of the ocean and other enemies. Crew shipyards and building frigates, destroyers and corvettes. Develop your own fleet and become a thunder-storm of the seas!

Features of the game Ocean Wars

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Create your own city and manage it. The structure of the fortress and tavern, mills and fort, towers and quarries. Produce resources, learn technology and improve the city!
Join the alliance, meet other players, defeat the enemies and seize the land!
The abundance of PvP battles – fight everywhere and fight with other players!
Grow food on farms, use and sell crops!
Conquer the expanses of the ocean on high-speed ships, send to the bottom of rivals and seize prey!