Review of online strategy Ocean Wars

Ocean Wars 2017Ocean Wars is a new economic strategy with wars between countries and battles for territories. Lead your own country, build the city and buildings, lead the economy and politics, seize neighboring lands and manage the subjects. Feel the taste of victories and defeats, find true friends, meet sworn enemies and show strength!

Travel through the expanses of the ocean on ships, trade with other countries, robbing neighbors and sending them to the bottom of the enemy. Build and strengthen cities, build statues and temples, shipyards and town hall, frigates and yachts. Expand the plantation and create farms, grow crops and recharge. Explore the technologies of buildings and shipbuilding, invent new ones and improve old ones and become the first engineer!


One in the sea is not a warrior. Join the alliance and meet players from all over the world. Hunt in the sea and learn the technology of the alliance, help build buildings to friends and get help, own mines and warehouses and fight with enemy alliances for the land!

Sea battles

Aggressive inhabitants of the sea and enemy ships lie in wait for you everywhere. Prepare to deploy ships in the direction of someone else’s ship, deep-sea fish, guard of the ocean and other enemies. Crew shipyards and building frigates, destroyers and corvettes. Develop your own fleet and become a thunder-storm of the seas!

Features of the game Ocean Wars

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Create your own city and manage it. The structure of the fortress and tavern, mills and fort, towers and quarries. Produce resources, learn technology and improve the city!
Join the alliance, meet other players, defeat the enemies and seize the land!
The abundance of PvP battles – fight everywhere and fight with other players!
Grow food on farms, use and sell crops!
Conquer the expanses of the ocean on high-speed ships, send to the bottom of rivals and seize prey!