Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Critic Reviews for PC

New game Civilization VICivilization 6 – epic strategy in real time with great opportunities. Are you ready to seize the territories, lead the armies and learn the technology to win in the war? This is only a small part of the potential of the game. 18 civilizations will be able to demonstrate strategic skills and declare themselves to the whole world. Some, specialize in trade, others, can not live without wars, and still others dream of building a rocket and going into space. Moreover, the developers will add content, which in the previous parts was paid. For example, it will be possible to build a trade route to a neighboring state or find out more valuable information about the enemy by sending a spy.


At first, diplomatic relations with civilizations will be primitive – robbery and seizure of territories. Later it will be possible to unite in alliances, declare war and weave intrigues. The more evidence the illegal activities of an opponent will be able to collect, the better will be the conditions of war. Otherwise, the attack will be considered a punishable act of aggression and diplomatic sanctions (penalty for attack, limited number of troops, etc.) will follow. Interacting with artificial intelligence, you will have to learn to identify its weak points. Developers have created more than 20 behaviors – dreaming Wonders of the World, hates spies, adores religion.

Terms of Victory

Civilization VI for moneyTo win you need to excel in one of five industries:

War – the seizure of all enemy capitals;
Science – you need to launch a satellite, land on the moon and establish a colony on Mars;
Culture – it is required to attract more new tourists than the total number of inhabitants in other civilizations;
Religion – more than half the cities of all civilizations should worship your faith;
Points – after 500 moves the winner will be the player with the highest score.
4 reasons to play Civilization 6
Unique tactical capabilities. To win the war, learn to think globally. An obvious move can bring benefits in a week, and a thought-out plan will go down the drain because of the traitor.
Wise world leaders. The rulers of civilizations controlled by the AI ​​will act on their own discretion, relying on the actions of the players.
Advanced construction. Every cell is unique. Within a city, you can build a sacred place for believers or a training center for soldiers.
The science. To open access to new technologies, structures, units and mechanics, it is necessary to conduct a lot of research. For example, developing the economy, you will open new trade routes, and giving preference to education, you will build a university.