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The animals in the Knight’s Legend are of two kinds – legendary and simple. Unlike the MMO League of Angels 2, here pets are a fighting unit. Yes, they can not be saddled, but they can fight well. Many beginners wonder how to get the beast in the Knight’s Legend. There are two ways:

Daily enter the game for seven days;
Collect 16 pieces of mosaic.
The first option is ideal for beginners, but the second one requires time and patience. But, do not rush to invite the first pet to the team. The fact is that every monster has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, a warrior is ideally suited for a turtle or a siren, and for a magician – a griffin. It’s time to learn how to change the beast in the Legend of the Knight. First you need to get another pet. To do this, you will have to participate in events, daily events and monitor the stock.

Mount training
Knowing how to get or change animals will have to learn how to pump them. In the beginning, you need to get the scope of the mounts that are produced in daily activities. After that, the gamer goes into the appropriate tab and in a simple way improves the beast. In return, the character gains a bonus to health, attack, and defense. The user can also get a boost to the characteristics by raising the animal’s level. But for this you need special bottles with experience. Most often, they fall out in the event Running horse and are sold in the store.

To get out in the top, the first thing a gamer should change a poor animal to a legendary one. It is not easy to do this, but the efforts spent will pay off handsomely. Moreover, a powerful being can be transformed. Do it when the mount reaches the maximum level. But, you should be extremely cautious, because you have to re-shake the animal. But in return, the user will receive special stones needed for pumping. To avoid repetitive actions, it is better to play MMO Epos: The Warrior of the Elements. Here things are different. When the mount reaches its maximum level, it can be made even stronger, and not returned to its original form. As for the other elements, it is necessary to pump the heroes, travel, rescue the gods and swing.